Our Mission:

To make high quality, locally brewed beer accessible, interesting, and enjoyable, by providing a unique, educational, family-friendly and ever-changing taproom experience founded on the following principles:

1) Go Local: we believe that local businesses increase the quality of life for the communities within which they reside.  We believe that local business are part of a “virtuous cycle” of reinvestment – dollars spent on local businesses are more likely to be reinvested in nearby communities, cutting out unnecessary middlemen (corporate officers, shareholders) and expenses (freight, oil) and in doing so increasing the percentage of consumption that is spent on goods and services that have intrinsic value.  77% of our brewery is owned by people who live in Charlottesville, and 95% of our brewery is owned by Virginians.  Our brewery was made possible by the professionalism and skill of innumerable local businesses.  

Similarly, we make every effort to provide you with local food when you visit Random Row - from pizza made by Mona Lisa Pasta & Pizza (right up the street from us) and cooked for you at Random Row, to our myriad of local food trucks, to cheese from Caramont Farms and crackers from Good Phyte - all of these are locally owned businesses. We also offer Kombucha from both Blue Ridge Bucha and Mountain Culture, and coffee from Snowing in Space.  We even donate our spent grain to local farms who use it to feed their pigs!

2) Variety: by deliberately choosing to be small (we brew beer in 7 barrel batches [that’s about 14 kegs at a time]), we can turn over our beer quickly.  This means that your beer is fresher.  Additionally, we can modify our recipes more quickly, offer you more variety, and take greater risks as we continuously strive to bring you some of the most exciting beer styles from around the world (as well as our own recipes developed right here in Charlottesville)!  Our hope is that every time you visit Random Row Brewing Company, you will have the opportunity to taste something you’ve never had before (unless you come every day). 

3) Quality: more than half of Random Row Brewing Company is owned by individuals with a scientific background - nurses, physicians, and engineers.  Their professional training heavily influenced the design of our brewery operations, resulting in an intense focus on sterility, measurement, process control, and repeatability.  We maintain our own yeast laboratory – this allows us to keep a close eye on the yeast that make your beer and “pitch” the correct amount, every time.  We ferment every batch of beer in insulated, dual-zone glycol-cooled, stainless steel cylindroconical fermentation vessels.  We serve as much beer as we can from our serving tanks (also known as “brite” tanks), which means your beer comes into contact with almost no oxygen – tastes better, and lasts longer. 

4) Education: there is more to the world of beer than American Adjunct Lagers!  Beer was first produced hundreds (and arguably thousands) of years ago, is available all over the world, and is inextricably linked to the culture and geography of the regions from which it hails.  The Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) recognizes more than 50 styles – and that does not include the infinite variations that can be produced by a 7-10 barrel microbrewery.  We find that the more we know about beer, the more we enjoy it.  A major theme of our brewery is to provide education about the wonderfully rich history of beer – manufacturing and processing techniques, ingredients, yeast strains, regional styles and preferences, and even legislation (if it wasn’t for House Bill 604 we wouldn’t exist!).  Be sure to read the Beer 101 section of our website if you want to learn more!

5) Give Back: Random Row Brewing Company was founded by people who live and work in Charlottesville, some of whom have lived here more than 30 years.  The majority of founders work in the local healthcare system, and most of them have small children. Thus, it is only fitting that the UVA Children’s Hospital is the primary beneficiary of the charity events we hold at the brewery.  If you’re trying to make the world a better place and think we can help you, please see our Sponsorship Policy and send us a note!