Every Month we will profile one of our Random Row "Beertenders".  Check back every month to meet the faces on the other side of the taps!

Andy Foster

AKA "Old Skate Beard"

AKA "Old Skate Beard"


We knew Andy was a keeper after...

When he showed up for his interview.  Andy is one of C'villes class of subtly cool people that give our town character.  In addition to being one of Charlottesvilles local artists (check out "Curbside Pickins" on FB) Andy is one of its great bartenders.  Not only can he talk to anybody about anything, he knows tons of neat facts about town, and c'mon, that beard!  


What brought you to Charlottesville?

  I think it was a 1980 Chevy Chevette

Besides Random Row, where else do you work? 

Wait, what I do at Random Row is considered work? Nah! It’s too much fun to be work

What’s your favorite thing about Charlottesville?

My favorite thing about Charlottesville isn’t a thing at all. What I like most about C’ville is that the people I love most in the world live here


What turned you on to craft beer?

 The endless variety

What’s your favorite style of beer and why?

 I like way too many beer styles to have a favorite. I like traditional hefe weizens because of that amazing nose and clove banana bubble gum taste.  I love sour beers - so refreshingly complex.  Belgian and Belgian-style ales due to the sheer unlimited and unique variety. Crisp pilsners on a hot day  Cream stouts and malty porters on a chilly Fall evening.  Etc, etc, etc...

Why did you choose to work at Random Row?

 When I saw the beer list I knew it was the place for me


Tell us one non-beer related fact about yourself that most people visiting Random Row probably don’t know.

I collect unicorn artifacts