Run Club

What better way to start your week than getting fit and socializing with your friends?

Every Monday we offer Charlottesville residents interested in running, triathlon, and other endurance sports the chance to get together and increase their core strength and overall body fitness (as well as do some running!) with Jason and Ann Dunn.

Jason and Ann have over 25 years of NCAA middle and long distance coaching experience at places like UVA, Stanford, Cal, Kentucky, and Oklahoma.  In 2016 they permanently moved back to Charlottesville and we are lucky to have them!  Their group workouts involve a lot of instruction and are designed for beginners, highly competitive athletes, and anyone in between.

"We started the Monday workouts at Random Row to show runners of all abilities things they could do besides running to help make them faster and keep them healthy. It's a bonus that you can do this while spending time with friends and grabbing a beer after!"