Random Row Unplugged

Do you know what’s good for your heart?  PEOPLE.  A study of over 300,000 heart attack victims found that the #2 determinant of survival was the strength of one’s social relationships (Holt-Lunstad et al. PLoS Medicine, 2010).  And in this world of smart phones, express pay gas stations, self checkout grocery lines, and Amazon Prime, it is getting harder and harder to connect with, and stay connected to people.  Come to Random Row Saturday February 4th at 8 PM to connect with actual human beings.  To sweeten the deal, we’ll have a smart phone “holding station” set up - leave your phone with us, get a  Random Row armband to signify that you are “unplugged,” and all your beers are $2 off.  Give it a shot, we promise it will be liberating.  If not, we’ll give you your phone right back :)