Cville Charity Pub Crawl

In 1974, a Danish activist theatre group recruited dozens of “Santas” to illegally distribute items from a department store as a protest against the increasing commercialization of Christmas.  That group was arrested.  20 years later, the American magazine Mother Jones wrote a story on the event, which inspired the San Francisco Cacophony Society to re-enact the protest in what became known as “Santarchy.”  The concept morphed into a holiday-themed pub crawl, often with a charitable component, and spread across the West coast.  The name eventually changed to SantaCon, and by 1998 the event had spread to New York.  By 2016 SantaCon was active in 363 cities in 51 countries.  Notably, Charlottesville has not yet been host to a SantaCon or charity-themed holiday pub crawl.  We can’t think of a better way to prepare for the holidays than by dressing up like Santa (or any holiday figure, or wearing an ugly sweater), spending time with friends, and donating food, money, or both to a local charity.  And, as it turns out, Charlottesville has a perfect location for such an event, with Preston Avenue and the surrounding area now home to two breweries, a distillery, and a beer hall, all within easy walking distance.  The focus of this event is on the all the good things we love about holidays – time spent with family, friends, and making a meaningful effort to improve the lives of other people in your community.  We hope you will join us!

What: Holiday-Themed Pub Crawl (total 1.2 miles) to support local Charlottesville Charities.  A portion of every pint or tasting (any size) sold to Santas, Elves, or other similarly dressed participants goes to local charity, as does a percentage of all food sales.  We will also have non-alcoholic holiday beverages available at each stop!  Participants will get a participation card and bartenders will check you off at each venue - remember to pace yourself!

When: December 11, 2016, starting at noon

   12:00 PM - start at Random Row Brewing Co. (608 Preston Ave)
   1:00 PM - walk to Vitae Spirits (715 Henry Ave, 0.3 miles).
   2:15 PM - walk to Three Notch’d Brewing Co. (946 Grave Ave, 0.4 miles)
   3:30 PM  - walk to Kardinal Hall for dinner! (722 Preston Ave, 0.3 miles)
   4:45 PM - walk to Random Row Brewing Co. (608 Preston Ave, 0.2 miles); participants whose cards have been checked off at each location will be entered into a Random drawing for prizes donated by local businesses